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CS senior undergraduate @CUET, and ML hobbyist. Enthusiastic about code automation and clean architecture. Full stack native app and game developer.

HelpingHand👋 : My brief journey through the HarperDB+Hashnode hackathon 2021


Through this post, I shall be introducing you to the making of and showcasing my open source app HelpingHand and also talk about the brief journey of the #HarperDBHackathon from my perspective.

WebApp link:

The idea

HelpingHand is an open source app that was built to serve exactly one purpose:
To help people who are in need of it.

Every app user signs up on the app platform and then can find themselves open to helping people from various posts that the people have earlier made. …

The dependency inversion principle is one of the standard guiding rules of software design and development to ensure loosely-coupled components and component extensibility

What is the dependency inversion principle?

The dependency inversion principle states that we need to rely on abstractions rather than concrete implementations.

What is system coupling?

System coupling is defined as the constraining state of one item to another item inside a system. Coupling occurs on context information. For example, in an air-conditioner, the compressor is said to be coupled to the internal cooling refrigerant and cooling mechanism, since these components together make up the entirety of the cooling system.

Tightly-coupled vs. loosely-coupled components?

Coupling can be of two types: tight coupling and loose coupling. These refer to how a system would react in presence of a substitute of a certain component/module.

In our…

Using dual load-balancing techniques to extend the degree of availability of Node.js applications

What is load balancing?

Load balancing is a technique(algorithm) used to distribute incoming network traffic onto a group of servers. It provides a single entry point for all public users to a service hosted by a server. Production-grade servers are generally run behind load balancers because they can “even-out” the incoming load across the servers, thus preventing server overloads. Load balancers also provide a secondary functionality to the servers they are routing traffic to: they act as a reverse proxy. A reverse proxy is like a middle-man between the group of servers and the users. All requests handled by the reverse-proxy are forwarded to…

A deployment technique utilizing two environments

What is blue-green deployment?

The strategy gets its name from the idea of having two concurrent environments and switching between environments. The environments have different code revision signatures.

The blue environment is the old environment.
The green environment is the newer and more updated environment.

Since the deployment process changes the web pointers from the blue environment to the green environment, it is known as the Blue-Green deployment strategy.

Of the many benefits provided by the blue-green deployment strategy, the most important few are:

1. Software & service downtime reduction

If production deployments relied on a single environment, there would definitely be server downtime, owing to the time cost of…

So.. what’s this buzz about DevOps? It won’t kill you to know about how DevOps may save your time and sanity writing code

Let’s look at a dev scenario.

It wasn’t that long ago, when coders used to write company software code, build it, then hand over the new version to the operations team for testing and debugging. The operations team would sometimes also do this ‘quality and assurance’ testing to find out how well the software would work (with or without bugs), and the potential impact of the software’s new version on the people.

This process is a very lengthy process. First of all, there are two separate teams that are working on the same product, but stay completely isolated from each other; no communication between them other…

Sowmen Rahman

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